President: Zenab Chaudhary

Treasurer: Suzanne Nezzar

Secretary: Providenza Ghanem

Email: [email protected]

Researching and overseeing fundraising events for our school community. Finding and managing chairperson(s) for events and reporting to the PTA board the details and outcomes. Determining which events should be repeated and which should not.

Will publish, through various media outlets, school events that are relevant to the surrounding community. Will communicate announcements of importance to the school community.

Would you like to volunteer for any of our event? We would love to have you take part of this rewarding experience for the school community. We have Fundraising Events, and Community Events that you can take part of. Feel free to sign up for as many as you want. Want to be a committee chair for one? If interested, reach out to us via volunteer form, Click Here.

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