Our friendly staff is made up of an honest and professional group of Muslims who care about our children’s futures and well being. Our teachers are all qualified in the field of education and hold degrees in the subject areas that they teach. We also offer many opportunities for our staff to further their training through various professional development meetings and workshops. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a comfortable, Muslim learning environment for our students.

Name Subject Email Address
Dr. Ahmed Salem, Ph.D. Principal araprincipal@gmail.com
Romena Choudhury Secretary Islamicacademysjrc@gmail.com
Quran & Arabic Islamicacademysjas@gmail.com
Quran & Arabic Islamicacademysjse@gmail.com
Pre-K & Islamic Studies Islamicacademysjrr@gmail.com
Pre-K - Arabic & Quran (KG) Islamicacdemysjgm@gmail.com
Kindergarten Islamicacademysjfj@gmail.com
1st Grade Islamicacademysjsa@gmail.com
2nd & 3rd Grade Islamicacademysjjf@gmail.com
4th & 5th Grade Islamicacademysjra@gmail.com
4th-5th Grade Math & Science Islamicacademysjss@gmail.com