1. Admissions
    • ●  New student registration (statement will be written for visitors to read, after they read there should be a link to take them to the gradelink website)
    • ●  Re enroll now (statement will be written for our existing parents to read then at the end should be a link to take them to gradelink for gradelink)
    • ●  Admissions calendar
    • ●  Admission process
    • ●  Tuition and fees


Step 1: Enrollment Information

Pick up or receive an enrollment packet at Islamic Academy of South Jersey. Read through the enrollment packet and contact our Enrollment Administrator if you have any questions.


  • Step 2: Enrollment Requirements


    • Students must be three years old by October 1st.
    • Students must by potty-trained.


    • Students must be four years old by October 1st.
    • Student must be potty-trained.


    • Students must be five years old by October 1st.
  • Step 3: Take a Tour

    If you are interested in our school, the best way to view our facilities and environment is to come in and take a tour. To schedule a tour contact our Enrollment Administrator.

    • Original current/final report card or transcript. (Translation required if not in English).
    • Proof of required immunizations. Students enrolling in I.A.S.J. must submit proof of immunizations at the time of registration.
    • Proof of medical/physical examinations: State regulations require all students entering Kindergarten, new admissions, or if attending school for the first time in the U.S., to have a complete medical/physical examination.
    • Proof of address in the form of a recent utility bill with parent ’s name (gas or electric ONLY).
    • Birth certificate is required for all children enrolling in I.A.S.J. for the first time. (Translation required if not in English). Most recent report card/transcript.
    • Two recent passport photos. Girls must submit pictures with hijab/headscarf.
    • $200.00 Registration Fee. All the above documents, registration form, and fees must be turned in at the same time for the application to be processed.
    • All students must pass a placement test and interview
  • Step 4: Entrance Exam

    All students must pass a placement test and interview.

  • Step 5: Financial Aid (Full or Partial)

    • Financial Aid (Full or Partial) is available for qualifying families.
    • Eligibility will be based upon a CONFIDENTIAL and COMPREHENSIVE financial evaluation including all sources of income, assets, investments, etc.
    • *** Pre- K3 and Pre- K4 students do not qualify for Financial Aid
  • Step 6: Registration

    • Upon completion of enrollment process, acceptance letter is mailed out to the families.
      Registration fee of $200.00 per child is due.
      Summer mailing packet will be mailed out to the family that will include:

      • Parent Orientation.
      • Meet the Teacher Day.
      • Any changes in fees.
      • School Uniforms.
      • School Supplies List.
      • Start date of School & School Calendar.