Tuition & Fees

Please give this information your immediate attention in order to assure your child’s enrollment for the upcoming year. The figures are required for each child to attend IASJ for the entire school year.


$3000 yearly
$300.00 per month


$3950 yearly
$395.00 per month


$3750 yearly
$375.00 per month

Student Registration Fee $200.00 (Fee waived if tuition is paid in full)

Late Registration Fee $100.00

1st Sibling (second child) – 10% discount

2nd Sibling (third child) – 15% discount

**Other Fees such as School trip, supplies, books for the following year will be included prior to the due date**

Please keep in mind the school year consists of 10 school months. If your child is out of the country or being absent for a long period of time still parent’s are responsible to pay in full. Remember we are here for your child so, they can better their future. The tuition is yearly based and for your convenience you are able to make 10 months installment.

The tuition for each child is due before the 7th of each month. After the 7th of the month there will be a $25 late fee. If tuition is not received by the 14th of the month then unfortunately after the 15th student will not be allowed back into school until tuition is paid in full.